I’m Rory, a software engineer with a background in building high-quality on-premises windows server .NET services, having left all that behind recently to pursue more webby, cloudier pastures with a smidge of typescript sprinkled in. I use a mac now and I hate that I don’t hate them.

I grew up in the town of Bridlington on the yorkshire coast, and deserted family and friends to move approximately 26 miles south to the city of Hull. It is by pure accident that I stayed here, but I love it.

I’ve been playing (self-taught) Bass guitar since I was about 15 years old with a huge love of slap bass and anything experimental. It took a backseat in recent years due to a long-term gaming injury but I am happy to say my tendon is barely inflamed these days and I am shaking off that rust.

I love computer, games, computer games, baking two loaves a week for breakfasts and taking care of all of my pets (greyhound, rats, mice, giant african land snail) with my life-partner (and newly wedded) Morgan. She’s ace.